With a history of working with independent businesses, and an inventory of over 3 million ebooks, our new partnership with Kobo will allow you to buy your ebooks from your favorite independent bookstore (us, of course). Not only can you load the Kobo app onto your preferred reading device (tablet, laptop, even your smart phone), you'll also be able to buy Kobo eReaders directly from us that are already linked in a way that means every ebook you buy, benefits your favorite local bookstore.

You can search for eBooks on our website (the search box is on the left side of every page) or log in to Kobobooks.com, where you'll not only have the usual bestseller lists available, but you'll be able to view Indie Next picks, along with award-winners, new discoveries and more. Is there a book coming out soon you're excited for? You can pre-order it and it willa utomatically become available in your account. Reading on more than one device? Wherever you leave off is where you'll pick back up again, even if you log-in from somewhere else.

For those of you who already have been buying ebooks from us using Google, your previously purchased ebooks will still be available to you through our website as well as through Google. However, if you end up buying a device from us, you will also be able to load your Google ebooks onto it via Adobe Digital Editions.

So, while it's not a lot that comes our way when it comes to ebook profits, every purchasing choice you make as a consumer (including where you buy your ebooks) benefits this locally owned businesses and, more importantly, your entire community. And that support means a lot.

Most of your questions will likely be answered below, but you can also e-mail, call, or stop in and ask to speak to someone about ebooks and Kobo eReaders. Our personalized service and recommendations won't stop simply because you've gone digital (though we hope you won't stop buying those beautiful bound editions that look so nice on shelves and tabletops).

As always, thank you for your continued passion for reading and support for everything we do for Milwaukee's literary community.


Daniel Goldin, with Amie, Anne, Conrad, Greg, Halley, Hannah, Jane, Jannis, Jason, Mel, Nick, Pam, Paul, Sharon and Stacie.


Ready to buy eBooks from us? It's as easy as One, Two, Three:

  1. Set up your Kobo account. If you buy a Kobo eReader from our store, you'll set up your account on your new device.
  2. Login to kobobooks.com with your new account to browse, search for, and buy eBooks.
  3. Start reading! Download a free Kobo reading App to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your Kobo account to continue supporting us. We sure do appreciate it!)

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